J. Lee Answers Fan Questions

Each month, J. Lee will select and answer a question submitted by fans.  Please submit your questions on the contact page.


Are you planning to write more books?  

Writing is a passion and I honestly can’t imagine not doing it.  I am currently working on my next book, which brings back several of The Hubley Case characters and begins with a “bang” – i.e. a bomb – in a very public place.

There is no confirmed publication date, but stay tuned for updates!

What is your process for researching different countries, locations, etc.?  And why did you choose the locations that you did for The Hubley Case?


Great question. I’ll take it in two parts.  

In general, the value of visiting a book’s setting(s) was something I underestimated early in my writing career.  And my first two (unpublished) novels show it. There’s something about being there that makes the writing more authentic and therefore convincing.  When I write now, I make every effort I can to see places for myself. I spend a bit of time, take in the surroundings and jot down specific things that that are both unique and interesting.  You just can’t get that sort of stuff from Google Maps. I run through all five senses individually, and I always get more material than I end up using in the book.

Specific to The Hubley Case, the locations weren’t chosen as creatively as one might think or perhaps as I would like.  Instead, it was pretty straightforward and logical. I knew I wanted the primary setting to be the Chicago area because that’s where I live.  And I knew I wanted Peter Hubley’s murder to occur on foreign soil, because it added to the mystique, RE: the FBI’s involvement. As it happened, my job as an International Program Manager brought me to Brazil several times during the time I was thinking through ideas for the book, so it seemed like a great location to use.  Seeing all the cities firsthand and interacting with the wonderful people who live there allowed me to get a solid grasp of the environments and communities.

Fun fact: I was actually sitting in GRU international airport when the idea for the massacre of a seemingly innocent businessman first entered my mind.   


Why did you not tell us you were writing a book? (the most-popular question from friends and family)
I honestly didn't think there wasn't anything to tell.  Writing was my hobby, like painting or golfing for others.  When things started to move forward – getting an agent, finding a publisher, etc. – I figured I’d share my hobby-turned-published-book once a publication date was set.

What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?The editing.  Writing the first draft is what I love, putting words on the page for the first time and transforming an outline into a real story.  Optimizing those words, however, using four words instead of eight, making it as tight as possible…that’s a struggle for me.  I’m really thankful my wife is willing to help me out in that department.