Makes No Sense


Daylight Saving Time is super unpopular. Here are the countries trying to ditch it.

Within the USA, there’s one state that wants Daylight Savings Time to be standard (FL) and two that don’t practice it at all (HI and most of AZ).  Outside of the USA, 70 countries change their clocks twice a year but the rest don’t (including all of China and Japan). Those two facts alone can make DST confusing, even annoying.  But mix them and you get a formula for craziness and frustration. Recurring international business conference calls need to be updated, meeting times will abruptly conflict with local lunch hours and people will need a week or two to adjust (on top of potential language barriers).  Getting in touch with someone travelling across multiple time zones is much easier said than done. All this for something that very few people actually feel is a benefit. The 1784 idea from Benjamin Franklin may’ve had its merits back then, but in today’s “flat” we should just pick a standard and go with it.