Makes A Little Too Much Sense


MLB rolls out pitch clock for spring training games, and it could reportedly carry into regular season

In the “technology corrupts the game” debate, I tend to be an old-timer baseball fan when I get right down to it.  I don’t vote for an automated strike zone, I don’t think we should stop play every few minutes to do an Instant Replay.  I understand completely that umpires are human and that they make mistakes, and that the arguments for these technologies would aim to take the fate out of their hands and leave it in those playing the game.  Who can argue that the Saints got the short end of the stick this year?

That said, that’s part of the game.  There are humans and there is judgment and that’s part of what makes it entertaining.  What I really don’t like about it is that the reviews take too long and disrupt the flow of the game.  Why stop the action to review every single call at the expense of its inertia and energy?

That’s why when I read about this – a technology designed to actually keep it going and prevent stalling – I thought it just made too much sense.