Makes A Little Too Much Sense

Every now and then, I read something very enlightening and surprising, and I find myself blown away that more people don’t know about it.  It’s usually buried on the 15th page of a newspaper that seems far more front page worthy than whatever’s there.  I wonder: why aren’t more people talking about this?  Each month, I’ll call one out and provide a line of perspective. Send me any ideas you have!


DuPage sheriff's department heads what some are calling the county's largest recycling event

I’m not as environmentally friendly as I should be.  I recycle, and try to minimize waste in my day-to-day, but I’ve got plenty of room for improvement.  Don’t we all. To that end, this story inspired me. A single property manager made a decision that resulted in two 53-foot trucks delivering a plethora of furniture to a Goodwill store instead of sitting in a landfill, in what’s been called the county’s largest recycling event.  Some people out there will get to use it instead of it taking up space in a hole for (presumably) forever, making the idea a true win- win. In general, most people agree there’s clear benefit to increased recycling but struggle to see a way to logistically execute it in a scalable way as individuals.  But here’s an example where a single businessman made one decision that impacted the community and the environment in a massive way. Perhaps we should think about this problem differently and look for ways to get similar “big” wins from businesses corporations when they move/transfer offices to better move the needle…