Makes No Sense


Mount Prospect raises age to buy tobacco products to 21 from 18

There is no shortage of topics in my home state of Illinois that make no sense, but to pick on one that hopefully doesn’t evoke too much personal passion, consider that after Illinois lawmakers failed to standardize the tobacco buying age in November 2018, several towns are now raising the limit to 21 (from 18) by themselves.  This means that it’s now illegal in “Town A” for a twenty-year-old to buy a pack of cigarettes, but not in the suburb ten minutes away. If a nineteen year old who just got back from a tour of war duty wants to have a chew with his friends, it’s OK in this town but not that one.  He can actually get charged with Possession for being fifteen feet to the east of a town line…

No law is perfect.  I understand that. But aside from the fact that “kids” (i.e. 18-year-olds) are making very grown up decisions anyway, making tobacco purchases optional by town doesn’t seem logical or practical to me.  How in the world does this get enforced fairly and accurately? In the end, it seems like the only thing it will do for sure is take away business from one town at the expense of another. Not to mention send the message to teenagers that “we think it’s really bad for you, but that’s just our town’s opinion.”  

My vote: make it all the same age and move on.