Makes No Sense


Would 47 million March Madness bettors play legally if they could?

At least when it comes to watching TV, we’re into my favorite three weeks of the year.  March Madness showcases incredible young athletes doing everything they can to advance their teams in a single elimination basketball tournament, and the excitement and anticipation that brings is as good as it gets for me.  Evidently I’m not alone. During these three weeks, 47 million Americans will wager more than $8.5 billion, more than the total value of goods & services produced annually in Haiti. Yes, the whole country.

Yet despite that roughly 43 million of those people are betting illegally, no police action is ever taken.  Rightly so, in my humble opinion. The police have bigger fish to fry. But what doesn’t make sense is having a law that absolutely no one intends to enforce or feels should be enforced.  If it’s a law, enforce it as one. If it’s not, then change it to make an exception.