Makes A Little Too Much Sense

Every now and then, I read something very enlightening and surprising, and I find myself blown away that more people don’t know about it.  It’s usually buried on the 15th page of a newspaper that seems far more front page worthy than whatever’s there.  I wonder: why aren’t more people talking about this?  Each month, I’ll call one out and provide a line of perspective. Send me any ideas you have!


Doctors use HIV to develop 'cure' for babies with 'bubble boy' disease

The medical community never ceases to amaze me.  I was astounded six months ago when I learned about how doctors at Duke University are using polio to attack brain tumors, and now there are doctors at St. Jude’s Children Hospital using HIV to provide a solution for a rare genetic disorder called SCID-X1.  

The poor children afflicted with this disease often don’t live beyond two years of age and typically can’t leave a hospital (or their “bubble”), but now there’s a path to allowing their immune systems to be reconstructed altogether.  Two babies have been “cured,” a term used cautiously because of how early it is in the process. But signs are pointing up and these kids potentially have a full life ahead of them because of this novel approach. Talk about an incredible, ingenious idea.  Keep it up, good doctors.