J. Lee's Quirk Of The Month

We all have them.  To an extent, they’re what make us who we are.  Funny little peccadilloes or idiosyncrasies that might not make sense to others but are perfectly logical to us.  As a guy who’s got more than a touch of OCD and a slightly overactive imagination, I’ve got more than my fair share.  Each month, I’ll offer one up for your amusement.

Calendars Galore 


I have a wall calendar that hangs at work and another above my desk at home.  I carry an old school AT-A-GLANCE in my bag and browse Gmail’s calendar through my phone, as well as my Outlook Calendar on the computer.  I know the prudent thing to do would be have one calendar, available anywhere and at any time. I see plenty of people who do it right.  No matter where they work or where they are, they whip out their phone and see all their appointments in one place and know everything’s current.  So why do I risk (and inevitably create) scheduling conflicts by having five different calendars instead of one? 

Couldn’t tell you.


A Nutcracker Collection?

When I was six-years old, my mom gave me a three-foot, wooden nutcracker because I was infatuated with the nutcracker soap-dispenser she had.  Sixty-seven unique and wonderful nutcrackers later, I have a collection that I’d leave up year-round if my wife would allow it. I still get one every single year from my mom, wife and now daughter.  

And every year, without failure, I negotiate with my better half to let me put them up a little bit sooner than the year before.  We started with December 15th and I’ve worn her down year after year such that this year’s display date is the evening of Halloween.  Because I should at least let her “leave up the Fall décor until the day of Halloween,” or so I’ve been told.  I’ve also made a compelling case (if I do say so myself) that if we’re going to put up the nutcrackers, we may as well put up the full extent of our Christmas décor simultaneously this year.  The jury’s still out on that one.

Regardless, those trick or treaters better hit our house early to avoid confusion.


The Perfect Mug
We have almost 30 coffee mugs in our house, collected over the years as souvenirs, giveaways and custom-made presents with priceless pictures of our kids.  But there is one – and only one – mug that I use.  It's not a preference; it's a rule.  If my wife offers to make tea at night and my mug is in the dishwasher subsequent to morning use, she doesn't pull a clean one from the cabinet.  Nosireebob.  She hauls that dirty "Best Dad on the Planet" mug out of its dirty resting spot and washes it before making that cup of tea.  Why, you ask, do I only use that one?  Because it's my mug.  It feels good to drink from it.  It's the right ratio of cup depth to surface area.  It's got a nice big handle.  It’s got a tiny chip on the rim that directs me to the perfect sip location.  And it's got a side that tells me I'm out of this world.  Why would I even think of drinking from another?

Redbox Coupons
Every Friday morning, I get a coupon for $1.25 off a Redbox rental.  That’s a good deal, a movie of my choice for only $.50 assuming I return it the next day. But here’s the quirk: I HAVE TO USE IT.  If I don’t, I get edgy.  I can pass it to family, friends, whoever, but the idea of the buck twenty-five going to waste sends me into a minor panic mode.  Fact:  I’ve actually gone to the box just to use the promo, paid the half-buck, and returned the movie on the spot. Why? Wish I knew.