A Murder Leads Unlikely Partners To Discover A Shocking Plan...And They're The Next Targets 

American businessman Peter Hubley lays sprawled across the floor of a Brazilian airport, cappuccino dripping down what remains of his forehead. Within an hour, his killers are dead and their bodies stolen. When an organized crime syndicate claims responsibility for the savage murder of the seemingly innocuous Hubley, questions are raised and the case is assigned to Special Agent Nikki Benton. 
For Benton, a straight-laced FBI veteran, the Hubley case is an unusual and much-anticipated opportunity to prove herself and get out from under the thumb of her misogynistic boss.  She quickly realizes that nothing about the murders adds up and she might be in over her head.  Benton’s instincts prove true when the investigation leads to Ben Siebert, a rebellious ex-Marine with a questionable past, and his Glock 27 pressed to her temple. 
The two are forced to work together when they learn that everything – the murders, the public rumors Hubley was hiding something, even the case being assigned to Benton – was part of a carefully orchestrated plan…and they are the next targets.  In order to stop a formidable perpetrator intent on killing thousands of innocent people, they must risk everything and reveal the shocking truth behind the Hubley case.

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