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"The Hubley Case is an intriguing mystery thriller, and I was engaged throughout trying to unmask the man directing the deadly, mysterious, masterfully planned game.  All in all, an enjoyable, manipulative, cunning tale of greed and murder.  A Must Read!" 
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The Hubley Case is an entertaining, action packed thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.  Ben Siebert is another of today’s superhuman characters.  He is good at everything but still presents as a vulnerable and honorable human being – albeit one who is good at killing.  I imagine we will be hearing more of Ben.”
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"The Hubley Case is definitely a book that’s worth your time! How can it miss, with a murder to start and plenty of action through to the end? By the time you reach the final pages, you’ll be ready for J. Lee’s next book."
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“I found myself wanting more adventures with these characters.”
Jon Crunch

“This is a great adventure with espionage, murders, and the chase. I would recommend this thrilling and suspenseful mystery to those readers who enjoy sitting on the edge of their seats.”
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The Hubley Case has potential to become a great series…”

“For fans of this genre, this is still a worthwhile read. The writing is crisp and easy to read… the action portions of the book—where there is actual violence or the threat of violence—are particularly well-written and create real suspense.” 
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The Hubley Case is an enjoyable popular thriller helmed by a clear hero.”
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