What Readers Are Saying About The Hubley Case


“Absolutely thrilled to know the characters from #TheHubleyCase are returning. Can’t wait for more updates! The small detail about the beginning of book 2 already has me gripped!!” - @kashif1307

“Top 5 books of 2018:
1. The President is Missing by @JP_Books & @BillClinton
2. The Middleman by @olensteinhauer
3. The Hubley Case by @JLeeauthor
4. The Terminal List by @JackCarrUSA
5. Operator Down by @bradtaylorbooks” -

The Hubley Case is a well-paced, engaging thriller with a short chapter format that encourages readers to keep turning pages without pause. The relationship between main characters, former-Marine Ben Siebert and FBI agent Nikki Benton lends a nice push-pull element to the complex thriller story line, with realistic dialogue between the two that advances the plot as well as entertains. By the book's end, I found myself wondering what author Lee had in mind for a sequel and looking forward to its publication.” - Christina

“Wow!! A fantastic, suspenseful debut thriller!!! So many twists and turns had me on the edge of my seat all the way to the end.” - Barry

“Solid debut by J. Lee. The Hubley Case is a fast, enjoyable read that has several twists and turns. Kept me guessing throughout. Also seems to set up a sequel, which I will certainly pick up if that's the case.” - @NetsFromPDX

“I really enjoyed this book. I can't think of anything I didn't like about it. There was a great crime story, a lot of thrilling parts, and an exciting conclusion. If you like crime reads this is a book for you.” - Crystal

“Oh my, I can’t believe that this is a first novel for this author. I would highly recommend this novel to everyone that loves thriller novels. I greatly look forward to reading more novels written by this great new talented author. I won this book through a giveaway on Goodreads website.” - Ramona

“There is a lot going on in this book. Unknown covert operations are thrown into the mix. Who’s innocent? Who’s at the heart of this turmoil? This is a complicated page turner that will keep you guessing.” - Dianne

“An exceptional book. A fantastic story line with great character build up. This book stands up to and with books by Vince Flynn and Ben Coes. It will be very hard to wait for the next book. Do yourself a favor and read this book.” - Allen

The Hubley Case did not disappoint, there was so much action and twists in the plot that I had a hard time putting it down! Interesting characters and vivid description made me feel like I was a part of the action, trying to solve the mystery of Peter Hubley's murder with Nikki Benton and Ben Siebert. I hope that J. Lee's first book is not is last!” - Kathryn

“J. Lee throws you right into the action on the very first page of this book, and it's a non-stop roller coaster of well executed twists and turns the whole way through! Thriller is not usually my go to genre, but I may have to start reading more if I can find books like The Hubley Case.” - Maxwell

“WOW! I cannot believe how amazing this book is. J.Lee writes such an exciting thriller. I was so drawn into the murder of Peter Hubley that I wanted to become an investigator. I can definitely say readers are in for treat when they pick up The Hubley Case. I can see J.Lee work going far.” - Marissa

“Chapter 1 sets the stage for a great thriller! The writing is very descriptive and adds to the enjoyment of the characters interaction. As the story unfolds , the unexpected twist keeps you reading another chapter to find out what’s coming next. I am ready to read the sequel! Congratulations to J Lee for a great debut in writing !” - GigiMama

“This book starts out fast and remains strong to the finish. Good story and strong characters that have room to expand in case this is the beginning of a series (hopefully!). As an avid reader of thrillers, mystery and suspense of over 30 years this book has all the earmarks of another author to add to my must read list. Great Job and thank you for a fantastic read.” - Frank

“This thriller sucks you in at the start and doesn't let up! The characters are believable, the pace is relentless and the dialogue is fantastic.” - K.L.

“Such a great read! The different twists make this a real page turner! It’s a quick read because I couldn’t put it down! If you enjoy mystery/thriller books this is a must-read!” - Julia

“What a fun read! It honestly reminded me a bit of James Patterson. This boo was exactly what I needed right now. As a current graduate student, slogging through textbooks and dense paragraphs, this book absolutely flew! Highly recommend as a vacation book or on a plane (although it might make you wary of airports!). I could see this being turned into a movie someday (but as always, the book will be better).” - Dave

"Every itsy bit of praise for #TheHubleyCase is still an understatement. @JLeeauthor has established a brand new badass in the world of thriller genre with a fresh vibe. The narrative is extremely exciting!" - @kashif1307

"Just finished #TheHubleyCase, and can I take a second to come to terms with that ending!?!? Holy crap, man! Those twists and turns were epic! And #BenSiebert, I like him! Don't get on his bad side, but I like him!" - @swalton907

"As I turned the final page of The Hubley Case, I found myself wanting more adventures with these characters." - @TheJonCrunch

"J. Lee's debut novel starts off with a literal bang---Peter Hubley brutally murdered in Brazil. From there, the action picks up considerably. Lee weaves a tale of murder and international intrigue. This one is worth your time and money." - @ande9547

"Great story! If you are looking for a really good book, with some nice plot twists, pick this one up. You won’t be able to put it down." - @DeekLuedtke

"This Tuesday 11/6 @JLeeauthor's debut novel #TheHubleyCase will be released, and let me tell you, it's pretty amazing. I couldn't put this book down. So if you're looking for a new book to read, be sure to pick this up!!" - @StacyReller

“Just finished #TheHubleyCase by @JLeeauthor as a part of #JLeesLegion phenomenal read, thrilling, misdirection, and tons of ‘made you think you knew’ moments! Great book, I highly recommend it!” - @MllrChris

“Heads up ReaderFriends! Check out the new badboy in town. Great thriller. Enjoyable characters I hope to see again. #JLeesLegion #TheHubleyCase” - @KikiFaircloth

An excellent story. Could hardly put it down, but hurried and got back to it.” - James B.

“Read The Hubley Case flying back back from Denver last night, two legs and a layover. Couldn’t put it down, and didn’t want to. Skipped the meal because that would have interrupted the reading. Really terrific!” - Joe W.

“Wow, I’m hooked” - David R. (after reading the preview)

“This book kept me intrigued from the get go and right up until the last page. Great first novel from J Lee - can't wait for the next one!” - Scott D.

“Fantastic read that kept my attention start to finish—couldn’t put this down and finished in less than 48 hours on vacation. Interesting characters, great plot twists, and satisfying conclusion. Don’t get scared off by the number of characters introduced at the start; it all quickly comes together. Excited to see what the author does next. Nice debut!” - Mike K.

“Enjoyed the book and looking forward to the next one.” - Tina

“I love J. Lee's writing style and easily found myself involved with the characters.” - Erika

“In The Hubley Case, J. Lee keeps up the action as ex-Marine Ben Siebert teams up with an FBI agent Nikki Benton to investigate the highly public murder of Peter Hubley in a foreign airport. The story is fast-paced and keeps a steady flow of drama and action.” - Miggy

“A great story...the pace of the tale picks up towards the last third and really rips through to a satisfying conclusion.” - Clive

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